Wondering how to create a website? Here’s an idea.

If you only rely on your local market and the customers who already know you, then there’s no way your business is going to grow. So, here are some pointers on how to create a website: check out Weebly, Wordpress, and RedTim. Wix is a complex tool that helps you build a website by dragging and dropping elements of a website that you think might add business value. Weebly is good for very simple, modern looking sites: not quite as powerful as Wix, but less complex. Wordpress works well for blogs – it’s not a website, but it can work as one. RedTim is a plug-and-play website builder that’s got automatic SEO built in – if you want to create a website specifically for your business this is an option that helps you get discovered on search engines like Google.

A website that helps you get more customers.