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How to make a Google site look good?

Google sites was launched in 2008, so that people can easily create single page websites for information sharing. That has evolved to newer versions in time. Now you can create a complex website using the drag and drop tools that are available. The best part is that it’s free of cost. There is a catch to this free website. It has set templates, and set fonts. If you want your Google site to look good, meaning; the website should be on power with a wordpress template or a wix template, you need to invest some time in it.

The first step for this is to choose a theme that looks attractive. It gives you 6 options among with a color template. Choose a template that suits your need. Next step is how you place your content. You can make it text only, but your look and feel will be compromised, so add relevant images and make sure there is enough white space. Here is an example

google sites

I used text and images, along with enough white space so that the user stays on the page, and does not bounce away. You can further make it complex by adding more tabs, and adding more pages. But the formula is simple, use content and relevant images along with enough white spacing. If this is difficult, try out RedTim. This gives you access to 1000+ templates, and comes with Automatic-SEO. You write content, and RedTim website will optimize it for SEO and visitors

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