Google Sites


How to create a blog in new google sites ?

Looking to start your own blog? Google sites is a great way to launch instantly. Goto and login in with your Google Account. Now with the help of the website builder select all the elements you need for representing your blog home screen. After that go to the pages tab and add a sub-page. In this case I will add a sub-page called “blog-category”. In this blog page again add sub pages that are nothing but individual article pages. You can also define custom URL when you create a sub page. Check out the below screenshot

Google sites is good, but you need a blog site that ranks in Google, and Bing search. In this case you need RedTim. RedTim is a plug and play solution that comes with Automatic-SEO. This means you need to add content on your blog site (text, images, and contextual links) and RedTim will optimize every blog page to rank higher in Google and Bing. 

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