Speed Optimization: Slow sites bother us all. The fix is simple - speed it up.

Gift Your Business A Website That Loads In A Blink of An Eye

A website's page loading speed is proportional to the time a user spends on your site. If your website takes a lot of time to load, the user will almost immediately get frustrated and exit your site.

We understand this frustration. We have built an in-house technology that optimizes website speed. It ensures each web page on your RedTim website loads fast, it scales for any peak load to the server, and stays elastic to usage.

redtim website speed

Website Optimization Technology

Using website speed technology, we run an optimization protocol by scanning your website components.

Most of the time, web pages with many images takes a lot of time to load. You can upload as many photos you want without worrying about page loading time. All the images you upload gets converted into a progressive JPEG. Even on a low-speed network image will load faster - improving the user experience.

redtim website payload

Website Payload Optimized

Websites that load in no time result in better user experience. Website speed also influences search engine rankings and your conversions. One of the most critical factors that impact the load time is the website payload. Website payload is nothing but the amount of data that gets stored in a browser from the server.

Turning on gzipping seems to be the easiest and the most effective step. It assures your website loads faster, particularly on a mobile device. Our website speed technology framework compresses all your website components with gzip encoding. Your website will load faster no matter what device your user is using.

redtim website speed content

Content Delivery

Our website speed technology framework leverages unlimited disk storage and bandwidth. It gives you independence from the limitations of the amount data you want to store on your website. Your website can handle large traffic spikes without skipping a beat. All RedTim websites are hosted on cloud servers. You can access your website from anywhere without an increase in the network latency.