Social Media Integration: Magnify your social reach, with no extra effort.

Social Media Marketing built-in with RedTim

Engage your audience with relevant content across multiple online channels - your website, of course, and both Facebook and Twitter. The great thing is that you can manage and track all your shared posts with one single tool: the RedTim app.

redtim social media integration

Facebook Marketing Integration

RedTim Business websites can instantly and automatically share your website updates on your FB Profile and FB Business Page. With RedTim you can build an online brand for yourself - engaging with customers across platforms, through one point of control.

redtim twitter integration

Twitter Marketing Integration

RedTim business website comes with an auto-publish feature. This pushes business updates from your RedTim website to your business’ Twitter account. Get your website discovered by your potential customers on Twitter. Why restrict your business’ online content to just a website, when you can get discovered on platforms like Twitter too?

redtim facebook shop

Social Selling through Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop, a tab in your Facebook Business Page, lets you sell products right off Facebook. And RedTim integrates seamlessly into Facebook Shop. So, really, RedTim websites can help you generate leads and drive sales in one go.

redtim social media integration

How to activate Social Media Integration with RedTim

  • Step 1: Log into the RedTim Manage Portal
  • Step 2: Click on the “Sharing” tab on your dashboard
  • Step 3: Enable all your social channels with the activate button.

Voila! Soon as you sign activate and sign in with your social credentials, your social media integration is complete.

redtim social media analytics

Social Media Analytics

Analyze every update/content that is posted on social channels (Facebook and Twitter) through your RedTim dashboard. The data you can examine are website impressions and views, likes, shares, retweets, and comments. Keeping track of how your website is doing can give you insight into how regularly to post content, whether people find your site engaging, and more.

USPs – Why Choose RedTim ?

  • 1) Automatic SEO
  • 2) Competitive Pricing
  • 3) Personal Website Consultant
  • 4) Website Analytics

Why pay big bucks for a social media integration plugin when a platform exists that can create your website, get it discovered online, and integrate it to multiple social media channels?

When you think online business success, just think RedTim.

RedTim Social Media integration feature will help Businesses leverage the power of social media. RedTim simply shares your content on multiple channels, opening the doors to discovery from both your local market and the world at large.