Sitemap: It's exactly like a map. To help search engines find you.
redtim sitemap generator

XML Sitemap Generator for boosting your business website discoverability

Search engine traffic is free of cost, but you need to provide them with an invite. RedTim business websites generate and update XML sitemaps in real-time. You can boost your relevant search engine traffic to your business website. This is an effective way to generate leads from your website.

redtim sitemap plugin

Sitemap plugins slow down your wordpress business website

RedTim’s SEO technology improves website speed while updating your sitemap in real-time. Automatic sitemap generation doesn’t hinder the website visitors experience. It will make the task easy for the search engines that visit your business website. As a business owner, you need to concentrate on lead nurturing and less on lead generation. Let us handle the latter for you.

redtim automatic seo

Sitemap generator is part of RedTim Automatic SEO

RedTim’s Automatic SEO feature optimizes the content on your website for search results. It makes sure a unique URL gets created for every new page on your business website. It generates a sitemap to ensure search engines have quality links to your website. Updating sitemap will help search engines —Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to understand and identify your website better. RedTim’s Automatic SEO signals search engines to analyze your website, and better understand your business, after every update that you post. The more a search engine understands your website, the more likely it is to lead the right customers to you.

redtim premium seo tool

Premium SEO tool’s price doesn’t vary on website size

Your RedTim business website comes with sitemap generator feature. You don't have to spend extra bucks for sitemap plugins or softwares. Prices of most sitemap plugins vary based on the site of your business website. Have unlimited pages, and this sitemap generator works like a charm.