Product Catalog: Show, don't tell. With unlimited space, show all you want.

Product Catalogue : Showcasing Unlimited Products and Services Has Never Been Easier

RedTim websites are designed to be dynamic. Through the app and management portal you can instantly add to your product catalog, and sell online. We give you the flexibility to add unlimited products to your product catalog. We understand the diversity of each business, so provide unlimited bandwidth to your catalog. There is no limit to the number or types of products or services you can sell on your website.

redtim product catalogue facebook shop

A Product Catalog that is Completely Integrated With Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is gaining popularity amidst businesses. Customers are using the Facebook shop to find what they need and want. With your RedTim website you can enjoy the freedom to sell your products on both your site and Facebook. What you need to do is add or update your product details, images, and inventory to the product catalog on RedTim. It syncs with Facebook Shop. Simple.

redtim product catalogue mobile

Mobile-Optimized Product Catalog

People these days are often using their mobile phones to browse for anything on the internet. Mobile phones are more convenient to use and are handy. It is a must that your customers get the best shopping experience even on their mobile phones. RedTim websites are mobile-optimized. Regardless of the device used, your customer will get the best navigational experience.

Why RedTim?

Dedicated Website Consultants Available to Assist You 24/7

Our 24/7 dedicated website consultants will be happy to help anytime. We will guide you customize your product catalog as per your business needs. We assure you'll be satisfied with our products and services!

Cost Effective and Completely Managed

RedTim website comes with the website builder. You can create your product catalog right on your site and integrate it with Facebook Shop. There is no extra cost involved.

Sell Directly on Facebook with RedTim

With RedTim you can sell your products or services directly on your Facebook Page. Customers can check out without leaving Facebook on desktop or mobile.