Analytics: Step 1 of improving your customer's experience? Tracking it.
website analytics

Track Your Website’s Performance in Real-Time with RedTim Website Analytics Feature

Measure the influence of your website and social channels through an analytics widget that reports online activity, impressions, unique visitors, and more. Your site’s data is stored, and accessible through both the app and desktop management portal. Analyze this data at your convenience.

redtim website analytics search queries

Know What Search Queries You are Ranking For and Optimize Your Content

People can land on your website with various search queries, be it from a Google Search, Social Media, or even typing your website’s address directly etc.

RedTim website rely on the data shared by the search engines to show you the Search Queries using which a visitor landed on your site. The analytics tool tracks the unique IP addresses landing on your website, which is a statistic we can track independent of where the visitor arrived from giving you a ratio of search queries and unique visitors. You rank for many keywords, and the search analytics tool gives you search ranking for each search query making it easy for you to analyze your content strategy.

redtim website analytics social

You Don’t Need a Different Website to Monitor Your Social Analytics

RedTim website comes with robust analytics that brings your social media data to life. Get a clear and concise overview of your essential social media activity with easy-to-understand visualizations. No setup required, you can measure the in-depth performance of all your social media channels directly from RedTim website.

redtim website analytics subscribers

Track Your Potential Customers And Have Better Insights About Your Business Enquiries and Subscribers

RedTim Website comes with unique tracking option where you can track the total number of clicks on the business contact number on your mobile website.

Not only that, but you can even see the source of all your business enquiries sent by online visitors with exact details regarding the content that has engaged your audience. You can also know the subscriber information along with the current status and the date they had subscribed to your updates.