Tim: You want your website to get you more customers. Well, so does Tim.
website consultant tim

Meet Tim Your Artificial-Intelligence Based Website Consultant

Tim is the AI consultant for your RedTim website. He helps you determine the health and success of your site. He will be your guide to help you add elements to improve your web content for better discovery. He’ll engage with you via your RedTim app, website portal and through email. Tim will keep you updated with market trends, keyword suggestions, and much more. Tim’s only aim is to help your potential audience discover your business website. He will help you convert web traffic into customers.

redtim website consultant keyword suggestion

Enhance Your Content With Optimized Keyword Suggestion

Keyword suggestions tool allows you to find the right keywords in your content. You can find new keyword ideas that are relevant to your business. Creating keyword optimized content can help your target most relevant local audience. But, any marketplace for keyword suggestion will cost you around $25 a month.

Tim understands the importance of keywords in your content. Based on your product or services, Tim will send you keyword suggestions on a monthly basis. He comes at no extra cost. He’s part of the RedTim package.

redtim website consultant insights

Reports That Give You Better Insights of Your Website

Reports are the most vital part of any marketing. It is the measure of your the influence and performance of your website and social channels.

Tim sends detailed progress reports that will help you analyze your performance. He will give you suggestions on how you can optimize your content for better performance. Also, get a detailed report about your business inquiries sent by online visitors. In this report, you can get exact details about the content that has engaged your audience. This will help you to understand what kind of content your customers like and want to see more.