SAM: Mirroring the offline sales experience, in the online world.
website chatbot

The Website Chatbot That Answers All Your Customer Queries

Sam (think of him as your Sales Assistant Module) is your online customer service bot. He replicates buyers’ offline service experiences - on your website.

The chatbot answers to all the questions of your customer who land on your site. He provides them with details related to you business and addresses their questions. If he can’t answer your customers’ questions, for any reason, he’ll help them reach you.

redtim website chatbot customer service

Why Use Sam for Customer Service?

Unlike your brick and mortar store, your website is open 24/7. Oh, and it’s in the digital world! Your customers may need your help at any moment on your site. RedTim understands the importance of being available to your customer. Whenever you're unavailable, Sam will interact with your customer, at any time of the day. Based on what your customer is looking for, he will navigate him to the right page on your website.

Why RedTim?

Dedicated Website Consultants Available to Assist You 24/7

Our 24/7 dedicated website consultants will be happy to help you and address any concerns. We assure you'll be satisfied with our products and services!

Cost Effective and Completely Managed

RedTim website comes with website builder that is completely integrated. It gives you the freedom to create your website right here. Choose from 1000+ of completely customizable templates that comes with free, secure hosting.

Give your business a domain name

Register your domain, get a professional website builder along with unlimited hosting space.