Multi-location SEO: Get each of your stores discovered, independently.
seo for multiple locations

Optimize Your Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Are you looking for a solution that can create a local SEO strategy for all your business locations?

With RedTim websites you can get discovered at several locations. With our SEO for Multiple Locations feature, you can take all your branches online. We will help you to link your individual store websites with your main site via SEO ready site locator page. Having sites for each location, search engines recognize your brand as a large entity. It will start showing your business for an increasing volume of searches.

redtim seo for multiple locations dashboard

Manage All Your Website from a Single Dashboard

Customers expect your individual store website to be in uniform with your main site. Managing all your sites and maintaining uniformity can be challenging.

We understand the importance brand uniformity. No matter how many location websites you have, you can manage all the sites from a single dashboard. Our RedTim websites come with management portal that's designed for MLC feature. You can control and manage all your store sites at one go. You can even provide Admin access to your individual store managers. We will help you with the credentials for your managers to access and manage your local store.

redtim soe for multiple seo api

We are API First Company

We understand that your business website may need a couple of third-party integrations. Our websites are compatible with any platform that also provides an API. You can maintain the brand uniformity throughout all your sites with easy customization. We offer a variety of integrations options to help you showcase your local store easily.

Get Your Dedicated Account Manager

We will help you with initial onboarding process and product training. We will provide you with a dedicated account manager. He will help you with any MLC related queries like Cpanel integration, backlinking.