Local SEO: Get discovered. By your closest customers - your local market.
RedTim - Local SEO Feature

Local Clients are Turning to the Internet to Discover Local Businesses

There’s no denying that customers search the internet, every day. For details like addresses, business hours - everything - they search online. Are you ensuring the you’re not losing customers to your competitors by not ranking well in local search results?

RedTim designs its websites for location-based discovery through search engines. Every time you update new content on the site, the website is generating a new URL and tags it to your location. Search engines identify your website based on your location and your keywords. Our websites help you get matched to the most relevant people around your geography. This is great since it’s proven that your local market is most likely to buy from you.

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Forget Tools and Coding - You Can Create Search Engine Optimized Pages Right on Your Website

Most of the CMS don't come with a local SEO tool forcing you to invest extra dollars on it. With RedTim, you can work with ease to create a search engine optimized website. You don't need to have any technical knowledge or invest in local SEO tools. We link your location to any page you making it easy for you to target local search market.

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Target Your Local Search Market And Get More Customers

If you want people to find in search results, you have to post engaging content on your website. Write content that will draw the attention of your local audience.

RedTim website has an inbuilt Relationship Intelligent Agent - TIM. He suggest you with topics relevant to your business and local trends. You can use those topics and create content to connect with a potential local customer.

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Social Sharing - A Click Away

Social media platforms are gaining popularity and have become significant in Local SEO. Brand awareness on social channels has grown very crucial. Search engines believe that Facebook and Twitter business profiles have influenced SEO results.

Using RedTim website, you don't have to deal with the hassle of logging into many dashboards. Any post you create, it gets posted to your social media sites.