Automatic SEO: You focus on content. We'll get it discovered.

Increase your website’s discoverability with the convenience of Automatic-SEO

If you don't rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, your awesome website will end up being of little value to you and your business. There’s no point having a website that people never find, all because search engines don’t rank it well.

RedTim websites come with an Automatic SEO feature to optimize the content on your website for search results and rankings. Essentially, it removes your need to invest big bucks in an SEO specialist. And helps get you discovered.

redtim automatic seo

Take advantage of RedTim’s trusted Automatic SEO feature

RedTim has been helping small and local businesses get increased exposure on search engines. This is how it does it:

Whenever a website user shares content or posts an update, the platform:

  • Automatically creates a separate webpage on the website with a unique SEO-friendly URL
  • Extracts the primary keywords or key phrases from the content to help search engines match your website with the right audience
  • Interlinks the extracted keywords across pages within the website, to connect related products, services and updates
  • Auto-generates a sitemap and network of dynamic submissions
  • Submits all web pages to popular search engines.
redtim automatic seo feature

Boost your success effortlessly with the Automatic SEO feature

RedTim websites use explicit notation for all the pages of a website. The Sitesense Keyword Widget maps all the information that has been updated by the website user and indexes this information to help web-crawlers decode it to the search engine smoothly. Web-crawlers essentially make sense of the structure and substance of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automatic SEO?

The Search engine optimization process helps you improve the discoverability of your website in search engines. Automatic SEO involves using the right tools and strategy to optimize your website to fit well into standard SEO guidelines. In order to successfully optimize your SEO you must first understand these guidelines. Or take the effortless route: let RedTim do it all for you.

Do I really need this?

Ranking high in search engines means more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website means increasing your chances of making sales. Ultimately - it means profit. Think about it, most people searching on the web (even you, for instance) don’t scroll past the first page of a search engine. No one knows what is on the 7th page of Google. With Automatic SEO, you increase your chances of creeping up to a more valuable position on search engines. The Automatic SEO feature does, however, need a steady flow of regular and relevant content to optimize.

Do you offer any guarantee?

No company can guarantee specific ranking results. Our website consultants will provide you with 24*7 support to assist you with how to increase your ranking.

Do I get a regular report on how my website is doing?

Yes, you can view your personalized report and analytics through the RedTim App and Management Portal.